Bobo's Information

Breed: Mixed Breed,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 3 Years
Can live with:
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: St. Petersburg, FL

Wanted! : Loyalty & love in exchange for loyalty & love!
Bobo (whose nickname is Sah-seum, which means ‘deer’ in Korean) is an extremely loyal and sweet and trouble-free pup who is just so happy to be in the same room with you.
He is house-trained, neutered, and a perfect guard dog for your home.
A dna test showed he is mixed with Bloodhound, Great Dane, Labrador, Boston Terrier, and more!
A dog lover or dog loving family of [all] breeds, i.e., a highly experienced and educated dog lover/family with real understanding, is preferred (because of the various traits Bobo inherited, and because Bobo has come from very severe neglect and abuse – affection and a bonding relationship with a wonderful person for the rest of his life would be most ideal!).

I rescued him almost two years ago and he almost didn’t survive an operation to save him from bleeding to death after he was severely beaten with a shovel and a vein directly connected to his heart had been hit. Before that abusive environment, he was in a home where his young owner had become sick and left him alone in a tiny bathroom to grow and stay (throughout his entire puppyhood) for about a year, and he was so emaciated when he was found, that a doctor said he would have had less than a week left to live. Because Bobo wasn’t socialized when he left this home and went straight to where an untrained aggressive dog was living, he merely copied her unsocialized aggressiveness.

I believe Bobo would fit perfectly in a home where he would be the only pet (unless his new family is able and/or willing to train or have him be trained at a dog behavioral-training school).
As Bobo has guard-dog instincts, if you are looking for a ‘puppy of puppies’ while at the same time a serious guardian of you and your home, he is the puppy for you!
And he is so loyal to the point that he won’t even chew his antler or play with his squeaker ball (two of his favorite things) unless I’m in the room in his presence. I didn’t train him to be this way. He is just SO kind and considerate and gentle and caring. And if I’m just in the same room with him, he feels cozy and comfortable and falls asleep so soundly.

I have rescued animals for many years and am only looking to re-home him because I am unable to give him the best (due to some serious health issues I was born with that are endangering me lately. And anyway I would like him to live in a place where he would have physical space to run and play. He really deserves that. And a family that won’t neglect him but will love him so personally and beautifully, and cherish him forever.).

Please call or text (727) 773-6231 if you are interested in meeting our sweetest loving Bobo, a.k.a. Bo Sah-seum.


No rehoming fees are to be collected. Any violation of this should be reported here immediately. Violators posts will be removed.

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