Mud's Information

Breed: DSH,
Gender: Female
Age Range: 0-1 Year
Can live with: Cats, Children,
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: St Petersburg, FL

Mud is a sweet, sassy tortie that truly lives up to the stereotype. She and her sister, Feather, need a great home together. They started as strays, became shop cats, and, after some medical traumas, became house cats…and they couldn’t be happier. We would love to keep them, but already have 3 animals. Mud is Feather’s rock and protector. She is sweet and talkative, and the queen of every room she enters. The girls are very interested in having more feline friends, but the only dogs they may be able to tolerate should be chill and docile. Mud enjoys catnip, playing with toys and her sister, jumping in laps, prancing around a room, exploring new habitats and owning everything in sight. If you decide that these two girls are for you, you will truly have the best of all cat personalities between them. And they occupy each other by playing and snuggling and sharing everything. They both want to keep their claws, so please no declawing.

No rehoming fees are to be collected. Any violation of this should be reported here immediately. Violator's posts will be removed.

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